Why Children Should Write a Diary

2. Fun Activity

Never force your child to write. Keep journal writing fun and light. If required write along with them in a journal of your own. Don’t turn it into a required activity that kids feel is a chore. Choose an hour of the day like bed time or when they are bored to do diary writing. And while you can give them journal topics, let it be just a idea to start them off. Let them write what they want to.

3. Illustrations

The young ones who are just beginning to write might not know how to write a diary. You can help them with drawings. Sketch one yourself, read from a picture book, show them pictures from magazines or even make them draw. Then ask them to write a few lines on that.

4. Don’t Let Them Write for Long

Preschoolers attention span won’t be for more than five minutes when it comes to writing. By the time they are in the second grade this would have increased to fifteen minutes. Follow the children’s lead. Let them write only as long as they are enjoying.

Whatever your child writes, do ask them to read out a few entries to you once in a while. Show interest in their work, know what’s in their minds and encourage them to write more. You could even read some books on diary writing to them. For instance:

However, especially for older kids, do respect their privacy and don’t go snooping around. Teach them how to write a diary and then give them space. Let them to come and share with you instead.

Give your child the gift of writing today. Go and get a diary that he wants to write in. Or teach him how to write a blog. And see him enjoying words.

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