Why Children Should Write a Diary

2. Hobbies

Children can be encouraged to write about their hobbies. For example recording names of flowers after a nature walk, doodling or sketching and writing a little about his drawing, his experience after his first pottery class etc. Other examples are cooking, gardening, needlework etc.

3. Studies

kids can write about new things that they have learnt at school or from you, what interested them about it etc. For example a science experiment and all its why’s, what’s and how’s.

4. Travel

Perfect to write about new places visited. Add to this some special vacation pictures and make it a memorable vacation diary.

5. Thoughts

This is more for the thinkers and the writers. Kids write what comes to their mind – be that poetry, short stories or whatever talk is going on in their heads.

How to Urge them to Write a Diary

1. Diary of their Choice

For the younger ones it is always better to maintain a notebook. For this age group the aesthetics of the book becomes very important. So let them choose a diary that they like. It could be one with colorful pages or those with fragrance or even one with their favorite cartoon on the cover.

Once the child is a little older you have the option of buying a notebook with dates (if your kid wants to write regularly) or even give him the opportunity to go online. He could either write on one of the many blogging sites or you could try options like ‘Livejournal’ or ‘My-Diary’.

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