Why Children Should Write a Diary

4.  Imagination

Children have continuous thoughts tickling their minds.  Journals are excellent vehicles to cultivate these thoughts and expand their ideas.

For the younger lot who are just starting out with writing, you can always help them with topics. Give topics that they understand, interests them and also develops their imagination. Here are some journal topics for you to choose from.

  • School after vacations
  • Thank you note
  • Imaginary animal story
  • A recent dream or nightmare that you have had
  • Favorite toy / book / song / cartoon / movie
  • Most memorable day
  • “if I could change something it would be”
  • My family
  • A day at the zoo / park
  • My best friend
  • Your hero
  • Imagine yourself in a different century
  • “When I grow up I want to be”
  • Write the ending of a known story differently
  • How would you spend a million dollars
  • Favorite holiday
  • A day from your life
  • One historical figure you want to meet
  • Describe yourself
  • Your neighbors
  • A good / bad deed that you have done
  • If you had 3 wishes what would you wish for

Diary: Types 

A child can have a diary about various things. It depends a lot on their interest level. Here are some options to give you ideas.

1. Personal

This is for those who want to write about personal incidents from their lives. Be that about a friend, a prom party or even a weekend with granny.

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