Why Children Should Write a Diary

diary, journal topics, how to write a blog, how to write a diaryIf your kid wants to keep a diary then let him. If he wants to write online then teach him how to write a blog. These are wonderful ways to encourage him to write and also to recap and reminiscence about memories that are dear to him at a later date.

Benefits of Maintaining a Diary

1. Memories

Diaries are a wonderful way to write about what’s happening in your life. It also helps you to hold onto and relive fond memories.

2. Goals

Older kids often set themselves goals I no matter how small. Journal entries are a good way to keep a track of their progress towards that goal.

3. Understand a Child’s Mind

Often what a child can’t express finds its way in diaries in the form of drawings, poems, ramblings etc. So ask your child to read out/show some of his journal topics and use that as an opportunity to analyze his anxieties, issues, joys, hopes etc.

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