Why Should We Tell Stories to Our Children

1. Stories Teach
Why Should We Tell Stories to Our Children-articleWhen we tell a tale, children learn. If we read from a picture book and tell a story then kids see those pictures and learn what different things are called, about sizes and colors, about places and people. And at a later age, notice the spellings too. For example “The Three Bears” and “Snow White and Seven Dwarfs” teach about numbers, sizes, animals, palaces etc. The important things is that stories teach young ones through fun and enjoyment.

2. Stories Make Kids More Imaginative
The characters, the places and even the way a story ends develops a child’s imagination. And, as they grow, the easier it is for them to write essays at school. As a parent, you can even play games with your kids by asking how differently they might want their favorite stories to end.

3. Stories Help Children Cope With Feelings

When kids hear stories that talk about morals, different emotions like love, friendship, sadness, fear etc. it helps them to cope with their emotions and how others feel as well. It tells them that feeling different emotions are natural and they are able to share their thoughts better. For example if your child has a favorite story, it could be because he identifies with the emotion that a character feels in the book. As a parent, this will help you help them better.

4. Stories Improve Self Confidence

A child might experience situations that lowers his self esteem, make him want to quit, increase his fear etc. Telling the child stories from your childhood where you have gone through similar situations and how you solved it will help him. It will help him to know that tough situations can be dealt with and that you are there for your child too.

As a parent you should also give your kid opportunities to tell you stories. That’s an immense confidence booster. CLICK HERE TO KNOW MORE ABOUT WHY KIDS SHOULD TELL STORIES

5. Stories Increase Bonding

After a hard day’s work, lots of home chores and lots of homework, snuggling up in bed with your child does wonders for parent-child bonding. Spend this time telling each other stories. It need not be fairy tales or moral based ones read out from a book. Even small anecdotes from what things happened during the day will be enjoyable. As a parent just make it lighter and funnier and see how the little one relaxes, shares about his day and even sleeps better.

6. Stories Are Refreshing

Kids get bored of playing with the same games and toys. Holding their attention span can become challenging at times. That’s when stories come handy. There are so many existing stories and so many millions that you can cook up that its sure to break the monotony. You can even make up stories with their cars, hand puppets and dolls too. It teaches them new ways to play and also helps develop their listening skills.

7. Stories Boost Memory Power

A child may forget his first toy, the first movie he saw, but he will remember a well narrated story always. As you tell a story and they listen it boosts their memory power. For example, try teaching history and science to the little ones through stories. They will like it more.

“Once upon a time” These four words can take a child to a totally new world. Stories can have a deep impact on a kid’s mind. So do choose your stories carefully.

Go on and enjoy a story together today!
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