Teach a Child How to Write Poetry

Poetry for kids, Kids poetry, Short poems for kids, Poems for kids, Poems for children, Kids poems, How to write poetryWriting poetry for kids is like painting. You can have the best paints and brushes, but the canvas will remain blank till you really want to create. It is the same with kids poetry. The words are all there – it is the person’s want to put them into verse. So when you kids begin to try their hands at verse, never fail to encourage them to the maximum.

Read Poetry

The more you encourage them to read kids poetry (or even recite a few to them) the more they will know what poems for kids really means. And as they grow, point out various facets of poetry which will help them to begin writing a few of their own as well.


Write Normally

Give the kids a topic and then ask them to write a few normal sentences. Let them play around with words. For instance, they could begin by writing down all words related to the topic and then move onto sentences. Then tell them to take out the unimportant words. Let them go along with the flow. Don’t be too stringent on the topic – let them just write. As they progress, slowly ask them to pay attention to the line lengths.

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