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Hama-Guri Learns about Shapes

Hama-Guri-learns-about-shapesHama-Guri ran into the house. He had just back from school but ws still full of energy. His mother knew why. This happened every time he learnt something new. He loved to share it with his mother and explore more about it.
“Good afternoon mumma!” He exclaimed, his face beaming. “You know what the teacher taught us today?”
“Tell me Hama. I want to learn too.” She smiled back at her son. His excitement was infectious.
“She showed us a chess board and said ‘This is a square’ and then a pizza bread and said ‘This is a circle’.”
“How interesting.” His mother replied. She knew what was coming next. But she was prepared for it. And it would be fun discovering with him too.
“She showed us a few more. But mumma when I asked her about more, she said ‘More tomorrow’. Mumma can we do it now?”
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