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Types of Stories that you can tell Your Children

So what story can you tell your little one? The possibilities are endless. Here are a few to help you get started.

articles31. Make your child the protagonist
If you are running out of ideas, this will come to your rescue. True it will test your creativity, and might even be a trifle difficult initially, but it will open up huge possibilities. You can send him to fairy lands, talk about his hobbies, and make him have super powers or simply teach about good traits.

2. Story of a personality

Read biographies about famous people from different walks of life. Pick up interesting snippets from there and tell your child about it. Word it simply and tell interestingly. It could be about planets and Galileo or even how Florence Nightingale’s singing.
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Hama-Guri Teaches Not to be Afraid of the Dark

dark2“But I can’t sleep without the lights” Ma-Door wailed.

“But why? These lights get in my eyes. I need darkness before sleep,” replied Hama-Guri. He was getting a little irritated with his friend. But they were best of friends. So he was trying his best to explain that darkness is not something to be afraid of. Especially when today was Ma-Door’s first sleep over at his house. But the past half an hour had yielded no result. And he was feeling very sleepy. “Try Ma-Door! Don’t be such a baby.” He said in a coaxing voice.
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