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Hama-Guri Sees Growing Up

Hama-Guri-sees-growing-upHama-Guri and Ma-Door, his best friend and his neighbour, sat in the former’s room looking at old albums. Hama’s mother had taken it out for them. It was raining way too hard outside and she saw no signs of it abetting. So this was one way she could keep the two boys occupied. Even though she wanted to sit and play with them, it was way past 7pm in the evening and she had not even begun chopping the vegetables for dinner.
“Is that really you?” Ma-Door asked as he stared at the picture of a tiny baby wrapped up in a blue cloth.
“Ya.” Hama replied feeling a little shy. These pictures were fun to see but he wouldn’t want his image of being the adventurous lad getting spoilt because of all these picture from eons ago. “I am sure you were like this too Ma-Door.”
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