Ancient Art of Storytelling, Modern Manner of Teaching
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Ancient Art of Storytelling, Modern Manner of Teaching

The increasing importance of this age-old practice in the current context of education

art of storytelling

For all those who have been in close contact kids, the sight of a dreamy child, staring out of the window, weaving tales of his own fancy, is very common. And for those of us who remember our own childhood well, this is something each one of us, too, did at least once in our lives. Don’t shake your head, you did it too!

Stories capture the boundless imagination of the human brain in the most vivid manner possible, with a myriad shades adorning the canvas of the mind. They have the power to captivate listeners and set their minds free to visualise and paint a picture that suit their fantasy. And children’s minds are clean slates, eager to experience the world and its many hues, and stories get etched in their minds for a very long time.
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