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Hama-Guri sees Santa

“The tree looks so lovely!” Hama-Guri exclaimed as his mother finished putting the final star on top of the Christmas tree.
CHRITMAS MOVIES FOR KIDS“Yes dear, it does.” She replied, a smile on her face. They had spent the last two hours doing up the tree and now it was time for celebrations to begin. “So Hama, what did you ask from Santa this year?”
Hama-Guri looked at his mother. There was something that he was meaning to tell her for the past few days. But he was scared whether his words would hurt her or not. He loved his mother and he hated seeing her feel sad.
“There’s something on your mind Hama. What is it?” his mother asked seeing her son’s brow creased together. He was only six, but he often amazed her with his questions, ideas and thoughts. She knew this was one such instance. And she was ready for the surprise.
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