Stories for Children: Different Age Groups

And when you do use story books to teach the child how to read, keep your expectations controlled. Don’t think that he will be able to read everything quick and correct. In fact when they are beginning reading, they will be so focused on the words that they will not enjoy the story itself. So once the ‘lesson’ is over, you read it to them once again.

Allow children of this age to choose the books. Help them find books about things they like but don’t impose yourself too much on their choice. Make sure you keep in mind the reading stage they are in. Beginners will need books that have few and simple words.

Try books which don’t have a predictable ending, characters who don’t do the usual (example mother goes to work and only cooks at home), has humour etc. Or you could read those that follow up the story with puzzles, games etc. Children of this age enjoy such stories.
Different books for different ages. But the basic flavour remains the same. Storytelling means having fun and learning with it too, So discover which story your little one likes best today.

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