Stories for Children: Different Age Groups

This is the age when their interest in cartoons and movies grow. Take advantage of this and do role plays after the story session. Else, they can also be combined with various craft and drawing activities.

Preschoolers have a vivid imagination. Cultivate this and ask your child to tell you a tale. Don’t forget to listen keenly as they can get discouraged easily. And if you are the one telling a story, don’t tell one that’s too lengthy.

Preschoolers enjoy discovering new facts about different things. So indulge them with books with details like the time on the clock and related activities at that hour, celebrating a birthday etc.

You can even attempt short stories for kids with various emotions – unhappy, angry, fear etc. Then talk to the child about it saying that this is normal. Kids who worry about these emotions will be being a bit unsure and worried as well as happy to know that such feelings are not unusual.

Starting School

Even though the kids have begun school, and even if you eagerly want to turn everything into a ‘learning experience’, Keep story telling sessions away from it. Don’t turn each into a reading lesson. Instead make it a time for relaxation and laughter.

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