Stories for Children: Different Age Groups

These are some stories for children that you can read to toddlers.

a. Margaret Miller’s ‘Baby Faces’
b. Tana Hoban’s ‘Black on White’
c. Dorothy Kunhardt’s ‘Pat the Bunny’
d. John Prater’s ‘Walking Around the Garden’
e. Debby Slier’s ‘What Do Infants Do?’
f. Nancy Winslow Parker’s ‘Bugs’
g. Arthur Dorros’ ‘Abuela’


Give him the decision making power. Let him tell you what short stories for kids he wants to listen to. And do keep the books within his reach so that it becomes. Part of his ‘play things’. It will give him the option of reading whenever he wants to instead of waiting for the story session always. Its a good way to inculcate a reading habit from a young age.

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