Stories for Children: Different Age Groups

You might also find, that your toddler has developed a liking for one particular story. They might even point out words and incidents if you miss out any! Don’t get discouraged but rather indulge in repeated sessions if that is what they want. It often acts as a strong learning tool for them. You can always follow it up with small questions about the characters, or discuss how the ending can be different to gauge what fact about the story interests them the most.

Talk as you read too. See the pictures and label them, tell him more about that object and even discuss what might happen next. This will give him time to focus on each page and learning as well.

By this age, most babies know their native language well. So stories in this language can also be enjoyed.

The essence of story-telling at this age is to make them feel that this is a fun time. Its a time to feel good and develop a close bond with the parent.

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