Stories for Children: Different Age Groups

Books to read online, stories for children, short stories for kidsStudies have revealed that even foetuses can recognize their mother’s voice. In that case, why not read aloud during your pregnancy too? And once the little one arrives, just continue doing so.


More than the story, babies understand a parent’s warmth. So when you tell this age group a story fill it with lots of cuddles and snuggles. And research has shown that, while an infant does not understand words, hearing the mother’s voice develops his interest in sounds.

They also like sounds which have a rhythm to it. So tell the tale, either from books to read online or from the print in a sing-song fashion and with a smile on your face. Also, vary the pitch of your voice as you tell the tale.

Repeat the same stories off and one because repetition builds language skills.

When it comes to stories for children, colour is another thing that attracts babies’ attention. So if you are reading from a book, choose one which has big colourful pictures. The lesser the number of words the better.

Some stories for children that babies will enjoy are:

a. Marcus Pfister’s ‘The Rainbow Fish’
b. Eric Carle’s ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar’
c. Margaret Wise Brown’s ‘Good Night Moon’
d. Melanie Gerth’s ‘Ten Little Ladybug’
e. Bill Martin Jr.’S ‘Chicka Chicka Boom Boom’
f. Alexandra Day’s ‘Good Dog, Carl’
g. Ann Jonas’ ‘Color Dance’

The best books to read online or in print for this age group are those which are made of hard cardboard and don’t tear easily or plastic so that they can be rubbed and cleaned (knowing that it might go into their mouths, its best to keep the books clean). Also by nine months a child can turn the pages of a book. So when he can turn a thick cardboard page not only will he be delighted but will also be developing muscle coordination.

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