Should Kids Blog?

  • A lot of fun
  • For kids learning to read and write, parents can dictate out content to them. It helps to develop their spellings and grammar.
  • Learn the art of developing something of your very own
  • Teaches you the art of taking initiatives
  • Learn how to pay attention to minute details
  • Starting a blog means forming new friendships with like-minded people
  • Express your opinion about things (it could be a subject or even review products)
  • Meet influential people (and even interview them)
  • Starting a blog improves typing skills
  • Build on the patience level and also learn the art of self motivation (after all readers don’t happen in one day)
  • Learn through trial error
  • Improve on the netiquette skills
  • Develop new hobbies

This, of course, doesn’t let go of the fact that there are some issues that it can raise.


It’s easy for a child to lie about his age when registering on a blogging site. This is not healthy for a kid and utmost parental supervision is required.


Once kids begin to blog and receive appreciation, a few studies have shown them to develop a narcissist attitude. This adversely affects their relationships with friends and peers in the long run.

Negative comments on things that they have written from the virtual public can also make them more prone to anxiety and depression.


Getting addicted to blogging, could also mean spending more hours in front of the computer screen rather than going out and playing. Now, how good is that for a child’s growth and well being?

All said, however, if you do decide to allow your child to blog you can go to MySpace or HelloKids where you will find a number of places where your child can blog. LiveJournal is another blogging option for any child above the age of 13. Kidzworld is another option where children under 12 can register only with a guardian’s email ID has been used for confirmation.

These are some safety tips that you should keep in mind.

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