Should Kids Blog?

Kid blog, Blog, Starting a blogKid Blog? Millions of underage children are blogging nowadays. And many without parental consent! While I am completely against the fact that kids blog without informing the elders, writing under the guidance of adults could definitely be a boon in the long run.

Improves Writing Skills

School and education is important. But blogging teaches is a more fun way. When a child is asked to write on pen and paper it becomes ‘study’. But when he is allowed to write on a ‘blog’ it becomes more interesting. Writing on blogs helps him to practice and learn on various topics – both at the same time.

Accept Criticism

When kid blog, not only do they write but they also get exposed to many other fellow bloggers. This creates a situation of sharing of ideas and constructive criticism as well. This helps them to know more and also be on their guard as far as making mistakes is concerned. It also helps when they grow up. They realize that making mistakes is alright, and so is getting corrected by those who know.

However, there can be occasions when people write in negative comments just for the fun of it (yes such people do exist). That’s where your role as a parent comes in – explain to your child, encourage him, guide him.

Improves Communication

Blogging is not only about writing about also about engagement. So always encourage your child to communicate with fellow bloggers. This not only involves replying to comments but also reading other blogs as well.

Gain Knowledge

This is where your role comes in is to explain to your child that there exists different cultures across the globe. So the kid needs to know what the acceptable ‘good manners’ is in different customs.

Also, when kid blog, they slowly understand that a lot of people would be reading it. So they spend time in researching about the topic before blogging. This opens doors to a lot of new information and knowledge.

Children also develop skills relating to technology. Be that back-end like wordpress, various softwares, HTML coding or different types of screens like ipad, lap tops, touch screens etc.

Earn Pocket Money

A child starting a blog is also a good way to teach kids that money doesn’t grow on trees! If they can earn a little by writing then that’s good for them. When kids make money from their efforts it teaches them independence and also that earning means hard work. So, in the long run, they become responsible spenders.

And, of course, it is also is:

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