Reading to Newborns: Benefits and Tips

Should I try to teach sounds to the infant?

When you read to your new born focus on the fun and not on too much on the learning. Make it a pleasurable experience for him. The alphabetical learning will happen a few years later. Laying too much of emphasis on the syllables n the sounds will make it too boring for him and will also be difficult for you to grab his short lived attention.

As you continue to read to your child, with time, he will begin associating the sounds to the letters on the page automatically. Till that time just enjoy the reading to your baby.

Can audio books be used?

The most important aspect about reading to babies is to feel the emotional connect to you. After all it’s not the language or the words at this age but rather your voice and its tone and the bonding. So it’s best to steer clear of using any kind of electronic media for reading to newborns. In fact putting a new born in front of a machine can seem alienating to him too. At this age having attentive parents is more important for the child. So keep all the audio books for when they are above two years old. Instead spend time reading, talking and playing with a toy with him.

So remember that literacy begins at birth. But keep it enjoyable. The words and sentences can be forgotten for now.

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