Reading to Newborns: Benefits and Tips

Reading to infant, Reading to newborn, Reading to babies, Read to your newborn, Reading to your babyFetuses can recognize their mother’s voice in the womb! So it is never too early to read to your baby. In fact, studies say you should read for fifteen to twenty minutes every day to your child – even a new born. But there are a few questions here which we shall address here.

What are the benefits?

  • When you cuddle him and read to him, your child begins to associate books and reading with times of comfort. And your voice makes them feel more secure and loved. As they grow up, they then realize that books are beautiful things to be with.
  • Although he doesn’t understand the words, the tone of your voice keeps him stimulated. This develops his interest in various sounds and also develops his listening skills.
  • In the first few months of his life, your child will learn about rhythm. So repetition is good. And also to keep it interesting vary the pitch of your voice as you read.

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