Hama-Guri Wants Money

Hama-Guri Wants Money

The next few weeks Hama put in full effort in the game and finally he got chosen in the school squad! The captain did not like this much because Hama had told the coach about the ice-creams after which he had had to apologise to Hama. But he also knew that he deserved a spot because he was good in the game.

That day when Hama came home and gave the good news to his mother, she had the note waiting for her son. He had earned his pocket money. Now, he could treat whomsoever he wanted with ice-creams.

Learning: Effort gives power, money does not.

Things to Teach: 

  • Don’t give in to bullying in any form
  • Bribery does not help
  • Hard work and effort is the only way to attain success
  • Money should not be considered to be a source of power

Fun Activities:

  • Pick up a new activity – a new hobby, a new drawing / craft project etc. – see how long it takes to master it. Keep a record of the progress.
  • Arrange a show and tell in class to speak about instances when the children did not allow anyone to bully them / did not accept any wrong
  • Stage role plays for similar stories
  • Do chores at house /school and make the kids earn money / points. Use this at the end of the month to help the needy.


  • Cut out pieces of paper to make notes (or paint bottle caps to turn them into coins). Make the child earn this with his hard work. At the end of the month see who has earned how much. Recognise the one with the highest.

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