Hama-Guri Wants Money

Hama-Guri Wants Money

Evening came. Homework was completed. It was time for the team talk. This time Hama decided to open up.

“OK I will tell you why I was asking for the money.” The child said.

Mumma smiled as she made his bed. It was good that he was opening up himself. This was one of the reasons she was so proud of her son. Even though he was still so young, more often than not, he managed to reason out and chaffed the right from the wrong.

“OK, so tell me.” She said, turning around to sit on the bed and to face her son.

“There are these boys at school. They are senior to me. They are very popular with everyone. And one of them is the school basketball captain.”

Mumma nodded his head but remained silent. This urging Hama to carry on.

“You know is how much I have been wanting to get into the basketball team, right?”

She nodded her head yet again.

“Well, so this captain said that if I were to treat him and his friends to their choice of ice-creams everyday, for one full week, then be would make me a part of the team. That’s why I…”

She knew it was her turn to speak. But instead of telling him what he ought to do, she decided to lead him to it.

“Hama are the team selections on for basketball?”

He nodded his head affirmatively.

“And who chooses the team?”

“The coach.”

“What about the captain? Does he get to choose?”

“The coach asks him for suggestions.”

“But the final choice is made by whom?”

“The coach.”

“Then, wouldn’t it be better to treat the coach to some ice-cream?”

“Mumma, are you…”

“What I’m trying to  you, Hama, are a few things. Firstly, the captain only suggests. It is the coach who chooses. Secondly, only those who are good get chosen in the team and not those who have been distributing ice-creams! Thirdly, you make it to the team because you prove you are worthy. For that you practice the game. And I know that you have been doing so, very diligently, every evening. Fourthly, if I were you, I would have informed the coach about what the captain has been telling you.

“But Mumma, what if I do the make it to the team?” Hama ‘s head hung low. His voice quivering.

“Then you keep trying. But you get in for the right reasons. I have faith in you and your efforts.”

Hama got up from his seat and came to sit beside his mother. The ‘team’ hugged each other tight.

“I won’t let you down Mumma.”


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