Hama-Guri Wants Junk Food

Hama-Guri Wants Junk Food

For the entirety of next week this followed. All that Hama got to eat were burgers, pizzas, and ice-creams. Being the mother that she was, she didn’t have the heart to feed him the junk from the shops though. She made them all at home and kept it to “it came by magic” when he asked where they were coming from. It did increase her workload a tad bit, but she was confident that it would work.

And it did.

When Sunday came, and Hama-Guri sat at the table for his breakfast, and his mother served him yet another burger and a bowl of mango ice-cream, he said, “Mumma can you please give me the scrambled eggs that you make? I want to have that.”

Without exchanging and words, she took the food away and went into the kitchen to make his scrambled eggs.

Hama called out to her, adding, “Mumma, please give me the chocolate milk also.”

Mumma smiled in the kitchen.

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