Hama-Guri Wants Junk Food

Hama-Guri Wants Junk Food

Junk food

“But, Mumma, I want to eat it!”

Hama-Guri’s mother was reaching her point of exasperation. Her son was, in general, a thinking and an understanding boy. So, seeing him demand all kinds of junk food for the past few weeks and having a melt down when she did not succumb to it, was both worrying and irritating for her.

Getting a grip over her temper, she cleared her throat and tried to explain to him yet again. “I know Hama that those burgers look yummy but you cannot have them so often. I did allow you to have it a week ago.”

“But I want it Mumma. Mo-ra says his mother gives it to him whenever he wants it.”

That was it. They were in the market. There were people looking. Her son throwing a tantrum in the middle of it all was not something she had taught him. Ever since he had found a new friend in Mo-ra, a boy who was two years his senior at school, this junk food demand of his had grown.

“Hama, I need you to please start walking with me and behaving yourself. There are people looking at us and it’s not going to do you any good.” She said in in a hushed tone as she held her son’s hand and began walking towards the tuk-tuk that was waiting for them. She knew that once she got back home she would start her trick.

When they reached home, Hama did not wait to hear anything from his mother but rather went straight up to his room and banged the door shut.

Sadly she shook her head. Nevertheless, she was the parent, and with her husband having gone to the city for a month for some work, she knew she held her reigns. She knew she had to keep things in control.

She opened the fridge to see what it was that she could begin her ‘work’ with. Thankfully some ham pieces and lettuce was still there. So, taking out the buns that her neighbour had baked and had very sweetly come over to give last evening, she added the ham, the lettuce, the onion, the tomatoes, and the cheese over it. She then took it up to Hama.

He opened the door immediately. He knew his mother. In the past when he hadn’t opened the door he had got no lunch!

When he saw the huge burger that his mother had brought up to him, he flew to her and gave her a tight hug.

“Where did you get this from Mumma?” He asked, wondering where she would have got the delicious looking burger from.

She smiled and said, “Why don’t you just eat it? Let’s say it appeared by magic!”

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