Hama-Guri Understands Lent

Fun Activities;

  • Ask them to make up a prayer and then say it to the family or the class.
  • One of the Lent rules is prayers. Use the Jelly Bean Prayer to teach kids. Each colour of the jelly bean represents a virtue. The job is to keep collecting them till Easter.- Red for the blood of Christ, Green for doing a good deed, Yellow for kindness, Orange for bedtime prayers, Purple for apologizing, Pink for a new start
  • Learn a Easter song or read Easter stories
  • Make hot cross buns. They symbolize Christ’s suffering on the cross.
  • Plant a flower or Easter grass and watch it grow. Easter means new life after all. Cook a meatless meal and explain why meat is not eaten on Fridays of Lent.
  • Bake cookies and then keep them on the table. But it can’t be eaten till the next day (the lesson is not to give in to temptation also also teach about Lent fasting)


  • Let the child make a hand impression. Cut this out and on each finger impression ask him to write the name of a person he wants to pray for. Once all ten are done put one impression over the other (as in a prayer) and pin it up on a board. it teaches about prayers – one of the Lent rules
  • Make a rosary from edible things t example candies) or using play dough
  • What is Lent? Ask them and then decide on a Lenten promise. Write it on a chart and embellish it with glitter and sequins. Then pin it up somewhere where you can see it every day. You can also make fridge magnets with your promises.
  • Make a board game that you can play with pointers like “3rd Sunday of Lent”, “Ash Wednesday”, “Good Friday” etc.
  • Make a cross out of chart paper and make 40 small pockets in it with paper. Tell your child to put one coin in each pocket every day (giving alms)
  • Make a thorn crown by using play dough and toothpick.

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