Hama-Guri Understands Lent

“What else are we missing out on Mumma?”

“Just one other thing. But that we do every day in any case.”

“What Mumma?”

Say thank-you to the Lord.”

Hama-Guri smiled and hugged his mother. “I love you Mumma. You always explain things to me so simply. And you make learning new things so much fun.”

“I love you too baby. Always remember to be a good person Hama.”

Learning: Practice giving of love, fasting from evils and never forget to close your eyes at days end to say thank you to the Lord

Things to Teach:

  • What is Lent? Lent means spring in Old English. Teach them the meaning of spring – as a season and also as a symbol representing new life, new beginnings and new learning
  • Teach about the 3 Lent rules
  • When is Lent?
  • Giving is not always money. It can mean giving love, attention and time as well
  • Lent fasting is not always about food. It is fasting from other evils like greed, pride, anger etc.
  • Prayers need not always mean a visit to a place of worship. Folded hands and a few words of gratitude sitting on the bed just before sleeping is equally acceptable

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