Hama-Guri Understands Lent

Hama nodded but kept silent for a while.

“What’s on your mind kid?” Mumma asked.

“I was wondering…Mumma we are not Christians….then can we…”

“You want to fast?” Mumma asked as she cut a slice of the fresh berry pie for him. “And Hama, the Lord is for everyone. If you want to do something to show him love, respect and reverence then you surely can.”

“Hmm..Mumma…does Lent fasting have to be food? I mean can’t we give up something else. That’s like fasting too…I guess…”

“Hmm. Well I have never thought about it that way. But you can. I guess.” Mumma said, now a little confused herself. “But what will you give up?”

“I won’t go to the jungle till its Easter.”

“Really?” Now Mumma was surprised. Visitng the jungle patch in front of their house was more than a habit for her son. He loved it there. And now he was ready to give that up. Maybe she should do something too. “Hama I will also fast from going to the nursery to buy more plants.”

Hama laughed. “Oh yes. That you should. The garden has no more space for more plants!”

Mumma ruffled her kid’s hair and began picking up the dishes. “But there are a few more things that we need to do.”

“What Mumma?” Hama asked helping her pick up the bowls and empty glasses.

Lent also means giving to others. It need not always be money. Can you think of something that we can do?”

“Mumma can we go visit that place where Ma-Door’s mum goes?”

“Where? To the old age home?”

Hama nodded.

“Absolutely! It’s a wonderful idea son. Its surely going to bring a smile to their faces. And spending time there will be such a good way to give love.” Mumma said smiling.

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