Hama-Guri Understands Lent

Lent fasting, Lent rules, What is lent, When is Lent, Lent definition“Mumma Cleo said he is fasting for Lent. What is Lent? ” Hama said keeping his bag on the table and sitting down on one of the kitchen chairs. “He refused to have ice cream with us at school today.”

Cleo was a few years senior to Hama, a fourth grader. But a very good friend at school. He was a tall lanky fellow and a very good basketball player. Common interest in the sport had brought them close.

“Hama you remember buying an Easter egg last year?” Mumma said as she set the table for lunch.

Hama nodded.

“Well, these days before Easter is called Lent. And during this time Christians, like Cleo, fast.”

“Oh okie!” Hama replied getting up. Satisfied with the answer. “Mum I will get fresh and come down in ten minutes. Then we can have lunch together.”

Mumma smiled as she saw her son pick up his school bag and run up the stairs. It was good that her son asked questions. It was good that he wanted to know. Then she thought, “I must tell him a little more. But I need to find ways to make him easier to understand.”

So over lunch she told her son, “Hama you were asking about fasting right?”

“Ya.” He managed to reply with his mouth full of pasta.

You know why Lent is celebrated?

He shook his head.

It’s to remember about all the sacrifices that Jesus made. That’s why people spend these days giving up eating something that they like.”

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