Bullying in Schools: Hama-Guri Stops in One


  • When there is bullying in schools, don’t change yourself just to fit in with the crowd and never give in to bullying.
  • Help friends and do things that stops bullying.

Things to Teach:    

  • Enact role plays on topics like ‘Don’t lose your self esteem because you are being bullied’ or ‘Stop bullying in schools’.
  • If you are being bullied or see someone begin bullied then confide in an elder like a parent or a teacher.
  • Make friends with those who are new in school instead of making fun of them
  • Little toddlers might not understand what bullying really is. So teach them that if ever anyone tries to hit, pinch, call them names or bite them then they should immediately go tell the elder who is nearest to them
  • Give your child time to go play and mix with others of his age. Praise him for good behaviour and lay down ground rules for behaviour that is not acceptable.


Fun Activity:

  • Read the stories Stargirl by Jerry Spinelli, The Bully Blockers Club by Teresa Bateman and Oliver Button Is a Sissy by Tomie dePaola
  • Ask children if they have ever seen anyone being bullied and whether they did anything to stop it.
  • Tell a story about how to bullying in schools happen and then ask them questions to judge their reactions and understanding between right and wrong.
  • Get a bucket and ask children to write nice things about his friends and classmates and put it into the bucket. Then read them out to the class.
  • Find small anti bullying video clips online about bullies and what happened to them and show it to kids.


  • Make posters to stop bullying in schools and pin it up on the board. For example ‘Spoken words can’t be erased so think and speak’ or ‘No entry for bullies.’ The get hand impressions from everyone in class on different coloured paper. Cut them out and pin it next to the poster.
  • Make a black cap and keep it. Whenever there is any complaint about any aggressive behaviour from a child, make him wear that cap as a punishment.
  • Make anti bullying friendship bands or badges and let the kids in class wear it for the whole week.

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