Bullying in Schools: Hama-Guri Stops in One

The boy smiled. “Yes Mam.”

“Wow!” Hama added. It will be so much fun.

The next few weeks the three boys spent a lot of time with each other. Mumma asked Mihi once in a while how things were at school. And was disappointed to know that although it had reduced, Shara-Raat was still tormenting him. But was happy to know that thanks to Hama and Ma-Door he had made more friends. And also since exams had begun he was following his mother’s advice and tried concentrating more on his studies and avoided thinking of anything else. She was happy to know that Mihi’s mother had spoken to the school authorities about Shara-Raat.

Then something happened and that left everyone surprised.

It was the day of their results and, like always, all parents had been called to distribute the report cards and give away the certificates for academic excellence.

After a few names, Hama’s name was called for ‘Excellence in Maths’. And the last one was Mihi’s  for ‘Excellence in Drawing.’

The surprise was when Hama went up to get his certificate. He said a small speech that left even his mother speechless.

“Hi friends! I want to say a few things today. And I promise Mumma that it won’t be too long.”

Everyone laughed.

“I’m a little sad today. I got this certificate last year too. I had wanted something else this year. Something new. Because that would mean that I had worked and had put in effort in a subject that I am not the best in. And do you know which that subject is?”

“No…no….no….” Came the sound from those in the hall.


There were muffled giggles from the buys. Mumma wiped a tear. She knew why Hama was doing this.

“But I will never get that. Because one of my closest friends is way better than me. But I am very proud of him. Because he is the one who, for the first time in the past three years, had made me get a grade ‘B’ in drawing. And for all those of you who don’t know, I have been getting a ‘C’ all these years.”

Now there was silence.

“Mihi, you have done what even my Mumma couldn’t do. And for all those of you who have ever laughed at this boy standing here because he loves drawing instead of playing baseball and getting dirty in the mud, you are all so stupid.”

Mumma saw her son staring at Shara-Raat whose head was hung in shame by now. And so was his mother’s.

“Because while he stands with a certificate of excellence, you, yes you Shara-Raat, you are going back home empty handed today.”

Hama jumped down from the stage and ran to hug his Mumma and then his two best friends.

There was pin drop silence and then a huge round of applause. Especially from all the kids who had ever been bullied by Shara-Raat. They knew that after today, it would never happen again.

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