Bullying in Schools: Hama-Guri Stops in One

Hama smiled. At least fifteen minutes of company had brought back a small smile on his face.

That day when Hama went back home he told Mihi’s story to his Mumma. “You have to help him. And me too. We all need to know how to make Shara-Raat stop his bullying.”

Next day morning when Mihi came to Hama’s house, Mumma was ready with her pep talk. But she let them play and enjoy each other’s company for a while. Soon Ma-Door joined them too. It was a bright sunny winter morning and the kids were having a great time at the garden outside. From the kitchen window she even saw Hama showing them the new geese that his father had got last week. It was only when they three boys came inside for refreshments that she decided to bring up the topic.

“So you are MIhi-Dana?” Mumma asked beginning a conversation.

Hama knew the ‘Mumma Talk’ had begun and decided to remain silent and instead sip on fresh lemonade.

The boy nodded.

“Hama was saying that you are new to school. Is it?”

“Yes Mam. I joined a month back.”

“Hey then you are not new anymore.” Ma-Door replied smiling.

“You know what I was thinking?” Mumma continued. “Let’s go baseball one day.”

“Umm…Mam….i don’t think….”

“What happened Mihi?” Hama asked.

“I don’t like baseball.” MIhi replied softly.

Mumma noticed that his head was hung low. As if he was ashamed of something.

“Oh that’s alright Mihi. Then we will do something else. What is it that you like?”

“I like painting. But….” Mihi looked at them all. “Everyone makes fun of me. They say how can a boy not like baseball.”

“Really?” Mumma sounded surprised. But she now knew what the bullying was all about. Firstly he was new and secondly he was made fun of his choices. “But why? Painting is a lovely thing to do Mihi. You must show me some of your paintings one day.”

“They think painting is not for a boy.”

“That’s a whole lot of rubbish.”

Hama could feel anger in his Mumma’s voice. He was feeling annoyed himself. “You know Mihi I can’t draw at all. And when Mumma teaches me drawing she tells me that some of the most famous painters have been men.” Hama said. “Right Mumma?”

“Yes of course!” Mumma replied but decided to give them a break. “So you boys want some more sausages?’

“Yes Mumma! These are yummy!”

After ten minutes when the sausages were friend and the boys had started biting into them, Mumma began her talk once more. She had needed some time to think what to do.

“Mihi will you help Hama?” She said.

The boy looked up surprised. Hama looked at his Mumma surprised as well. But kept quiet. He knew that she was getting somewhere.

“With what Mam?”

“Will you help him with his drawings? Exams are coming up and Hama could do with some help. Don’t you Hama?” Mama finished saying and looked at her son passing a silent message to him. It sometimes amazed her at how mature her six year old was.

“Me too me too!” Ma-Door added. “Then we can all keep meeting one another after school. We will draw and then play also. It will be so much fun.”

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