Bullying in Schools: Hama-Guri Stops in One

“Tell us who you are, please.” Hama said. “I have seen you sitting here like this everyday.”

“He’s from Shara-Raat’s class Hama.” Ma-Door replied. Shara was their age and didn’t even look much bigger than them in looks. But he was a big bully and no one liked him at all. But most were scared of him. Hama and Ma-Door had never had any direct confrontation with him but they liked to stay away from him too.

“Oh no!” Hama exclaimed. “He’s been bullying you, right?” Hama asked the new boy.

He nodded and then looked at Hama, tears streaming down his face. “I’m scared.” He said his voice shaking. “And no one likes me here.” He added.

Hama put his hand on his shoulders. “We are your friends now. Aren’t we Ma-Door?”

“Yes absolutely! Come play with us.” Ma-Door added and pulled up the boy. “What’s your name?”

“Mihi-Dana,” the boy softly replied.

The rest of the break time the three of them played together. But all the while Hama kept thin king what to do about the situation. Mihi was his friend now and he had to help him. But he was a little scared of Shara-Raat too. Finally he decided that It was time for all of them to get some ‘Mumma Talk’.

“Why don’t you come to play at my place tomorrow?” Hama asked Mihi-Dana just before running back to his class when the bell rang.

“Alright!” The boy answered back.

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