Bullying in Schools: Hama-Guri Stops in One

bullying in schools, stops bullying, anti bullying, “What happened?” Hama-Guri came and sat beside a new face who sat looking at the blue sky. He had seen him sitting like that for more than ten days now. Every day he used to think that he would come and ask but break time used to get over so quickly that he never got the chance. And he was not in his section so Hama never saw him otherwise.

“Hey Hama come back! I found the ball!” Ma-Door screamed from the other end of the field.

“You come here once please!” Hama cried out. Ma-Door was his best friend and together they were sure they could solve all problems.

Once both the boys sat beside the new face, they asked the same thing again, “What’s happened?”

But there was complete silence.

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