Hama-Guri sees Santa

“The tree looks so lovely!” Hama-Guri exclaimed as his mother finished putting the final star on top of the Christmas tree.
CHRITMAS MOVIES FOR KIDS“Yes dear, it does.” She replied, a smile on her face. They had spent the last two hours doing up the tree and now it was time for celebrations to begin. “So Hama, what did you ask from Santa this year?”
Hama-Guri looked at his mother. There was something that he was meaning to tell her for the past few days. But he was scared whether his words would hurt her or not. He loved his mother and he hated seeing her feel sad.
“There’s something on your mind Hama. What is it?” his mother asked seeing her son’s brow creased together. He was only six, but he often amazed her with his questions, ideas and thoughts. She knew this was one such instance. And she was ready for the surprise.

“Mumma, Ma-Door told me a few days back that Santa does not exist.” He stopped for a while to judge the expression on his mother’s face. Seeing that she had not reacted he decided to go on. “He said that you and father dressed up as Santa and left the gifts for us under the tree. Is that true mother?”
His mother did not answer his question immediately. He was still a young boy. She did not want to tell him that his friend was correct. And neither did she want to break tradition of him writing a letter to Santa each year. She knew that Ma-Door’s comment had already saddened his son quite a bit. “Let me ask you something Hama.” She said after a while. “What do you think? Do you think does not exist?”
“I don’t know Mumma. I want him to exist.”
“if you want him to exist then he does.”
“But mother…”
“Hama , tell me something. Who do you think is Santa?”
Hama-Guri smiled. “A big fat man with white beard dressed in red. He rides a sleigh and has seven reindeer pulling it for him. Rudolph is his favourite.” He was happy with his knowledge.
“Come and sit her Hama.” His mother replied pointing to a sofa. “Let me get some hot chocolate and then we can continue with this talk.”
Ten minutes later mother and son sat on a sofa sipping the hot drink. “Hama, you have described Santa perfectly. And yes, he does exist. Even if we don’t see him. Even I have never seen him. But I know he is there. I guess it is all about belief.” His mother stopped talking. Wondering whether what she was telling this child sitting beside her was making any sense to him at all or not. “You know what belief is Hama?”
“Mumma…So Santa is like God!” Hama-Guri exclaimed.
His mother was stunned. She had been planning to tell him the exact same thing. “Absolutely right Hama! Like God indeed. But Santa is not God. He is a person who likes to make kids happy.’
“Then Mumma, whoever makes kids happy is Santa?”
“Well, that person won’t become Santa, but he can surely be Santa’s representative.”
“Like those elves that help him in his toy factory in the North Pole?”
“Then this Christmas can we also be Santa’s repre…repre…”
She laughed. “Representative. Yes, Hama. We can be.”
“And if I am a good boy and if I make others happy then Santa will be pleased with me?”
“He already is Hama.” She wiped a tear from her eyes. “He already is.”
Hama jumped up from his seat. All excited. “Mumma when do we go buy gifts?”
“But who do you plan to make happy Hama?”
“Mumma you know there are a number of poor people living on the other end of the road. When I go to school I see small kids playing around there. But they look so dirty. Can we do something for them?”
His mother only nodded. Her voice was choking. She was overwhelmed at the thought process of this little baby of hers.
“Mumma then let’s go shopping!”
Now she laughed aloud. This sounded more like him. More like the six year old brat that she knew. “Yes we sure will Hama.”
The next few days what followed was visiting the slum to find out how many kids there were, how old they were, then making a list of what they could be given and finally going and buying things for each of them. Hama-Guri couldn’t wait to give it to them. He began counting the days when they would go play Santa to the kids.
Finally it was 25th December. Hama’s father had also caught onto his son’s idea. So all three of them dressed up – the father as Santa, the mother as a fairy with wings a wand and a crown on her head and Hama-Guri as Santa’s favourite elf. And with gifts in their hand they set off.
The children were overjoyed with their gifts. There were toys, sweets, clothes and even a small Christmas tree decorated with bells, balls, tinsel and the Bethlehem star on top.
When the family finally came back home after a few hours, all ready to celebrate their Christmas with other family members who were about to arrive, they felt happy from inside. It sure had been one of the happiest one in a very long time.
“Mumma!” Huma-Guri suddenly cried out loud fm his room. He had come back and then had ben sent up by his Mumma to get fresh before the feast began.
His parents got scared and ran up. What happened?” They both asked together.
Hama was standing by the window looking at the sky. The Sun had begun to set and the sky had turned a golden orange. He was pointing to something.
“What is it Hama? What are you shoeing us?” his mother asked.
Hama-Guri turned around and slowly said “I saw Santa!” There was disbelief in his voice. “I truly did mumma.”
“I’m sure you did son.” His father said. “Your mother had told you that he was there. It’s just that we all don’t get to see him.”
“Yes Hama” His mother added, ruffling his hair. “Now get dressed”. Then they smiled at each other and shut the door behind them.
Hama-Guri giggled in glee. Santa was there after all.
Learning: Christmas means giving, sharing, smiling and loving
Things to teach:
• The true spirit of Christmas
• The story of Jesus
• Christmas carols
• About coniferous trees
Fun activity:
• Tell stories about Santa
• Watch Christmas movies
• Get the kids to help you make some yummy Christmas desserts like cookies, cakes, lollipops in various festive designs
• Invite friends and have a cup cake decorating contest
• Karaoke of fun Christmas songs
• A trivia quiz about Santa, Christmas traditions etc.
• Make Christmas cards for all teachers and family
• Make tree ornaments with paper, glitter and paint
• Make candles out of all old candles, snow man with cotton, caps,
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