Hama-Guri Says ‘Love Your Hobbies’

Things to Teach:


  • Names of various dance forms, their uniqueness and where they originated.
  • Children dance with a lot of enthusiasm but teach them never start a dance lesson without an initial warm up session.
  • Expose your child to various dance forms and see which one she likes best


  • For the younger lot, talking about a hobby increases their vocabulary. For example a discussion on a sports related hobby will teach them about different sport, indoor v/s outdoor and how they are played.
  • Talk to kids about various hobby related verbs like dancing, singing, walking, playing and making. It will teach them many new action words.
  • Some hobbies require purchase of things (example crafts). These are good ones to teach the child very simply about cost-benefit analysis.
  • Those that require going outdoor can teach a lot about nature, flora and fauna (example birding, fossil collection)
  • Give them some free time everyday when they can explore. Leave things in their room which will catch their attention or take them outdoor to new places.

Fun Activities:

  • Develop a family hobby that all enjoy. For example hiking, biking or indoor activities like  crafts for kids, baking or painting
  • Dance: Practice communication through facial expressions and movement in a group dance. Or give the child(ren) props like ribbons and balls and let them create their own dance steps.
  • Painting – ask the child to draw a picture of his favourite hobby and tell you a few sentences on it
  • Collecting – a classroom project on ‘collect your favourite thing’. These could be teddies, stamps or postcards.
  • Music – for nurturing a musical hobby ask the children to bring a CD each. Then play them one at a time. Ask them to listen and identify which was fast and which was slow and what instrument(s) – was being played.
  • Sport – hand the child(ren) one sports item like a ball, racket, bat. Ask what sport it is played for. Then ask them to devise a new game with that item.

Crafts: Develop the child’s imagination through various crafts for kids. These include activities like beading, cardboard box crafts, candle making and origami. These are fun and might grow into a hobby for the child too.

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