Hama-Guri Says ‘Love Your Hobbies’

“I go on treks because I like to. Children dance because they like to. You do too.¬†Dancing is your hobby. You dance because it makes you happy and not because its a class that it forced on you. When we pursue a hobby with a lot of emotion, we automatically become good at it.” Hama smiled a little. He remembered his father having telling him the same thing when he had begun his nature trail hobby classes and how scared he used to be to do the treks that were organized.

“But I hate it when they laugh.” The little girl replied, still a little unsure.

“Then you laugh with them. Laughing at yourself is a very big virtue. Make light of the situation. When they see that their teasing doesn’t bother you they will stop.”

“But they are big, why do they do it? I’m so little. They still tease.”

“That’s something I don’t know sis.” Hama answered shrugging his shoulders. “All that I can say is that they have lost their manners.”


“But what do I do about my steps?”

“Nothing. You try. You focus. You don’t worry. You will have to remember that when you dance you are the one who is in charge of your body. It is you who will make a choice of how you want to move and you want to express yourself.”

“And if I forget.”

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