Hama-Guri Says ‘Love Your Hobbies’

In another ten minutes they were both out of the house. The adults didn’t stop them. The place was safe and they knew that Hama-Guri hadn’t finished his talk with his sister yet.

The two kids fed the geese, watched them sunbathe as they waddled around, then lay down in a shaded clearing in the mustard field for a while.

“Hama, the older kids in class tease me because I can’t remember the steps.” Ba-Chaa blurted out when they had got up and had finally begun walking towards home.

Hama remained silent. Thought a bit and then spoke. “Ba-Chaa you love dancing, right?”

She nodded.

“Then it doesn’t matter who makes fun of you.” He took in a deep breath preparing his lines a little. “When we love doing something, we just do it. We do it because we enjoy it. We don’t do it because we need to impress people. What’s done with love automatically gets noticed.”


“Let them tease you if they want to. That’s all part of growing up. And you grow up when you don’t let that affect you. And your dance teacher’s there to tell them to stop.”

“Yes she does tell them.”

“Then just go on with what you are doing. You are just four. Trust me, when you grow up you will be a better dancer than any of them.”

She smiled a little. “How do you know?”

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