Hama-Guri Says ‘Love Your Hobbies’

hobby, crafts for kids, children dance, hobby ideas for kids“No Hama I will not go!” Wailed his cousin Ba-Chaa. She was four and his maternal first cousin. And they loved each other immensely. They didn’t meet often though because, although in the same town, their homes were quite a distance apart. It was only during times likes these when school was closed for the summer vacations that they met.

“But sis, you love dancing. And aunt told me that you were the one who wanted to join this class.”

Ba-Chaa looked at her big brother, her expression a mix of worry and sadness.

“Something’s happened. Right?” Hama asked. He had been staying at his aunt’s house for more than a week now and he had been noticing that his otherwise extremely chirpy baby sister had turned all quiet. Now he understood that her dance class was the culprit.

The little girl nodded. She wondered how she would tell him about what had happened in class the other day. Rather, had been happening for the whole week and became very bad the day before.

“Go on. Tell me.” He said sounding like a grown up adult. He knew he had Mumma to turn to if he couldn’t solve this little one’s problem.

“I don’t like dancing.” Ba-Chaa answered softly. But her eyes gave away her lie. Hama knew there was more too it. Maybe taking her out would help. A little fresh air, a walk in the mustard fields, a little running after the cackling geese always cheered him up for sure.

“Oh! So that’s the problem.” He said in a big brotherly tone. “In that case no more classes for you. Let’s go out and play.”

“But mother?”

“Don’t worry about aunt. I will tell her.” Hama replied. He knew he had to get to the bottom of this first. Already Ba-Chaa’s mum had scolded her in the morning when she refused to go to class. “Come let’s go watch those geese sunbathing.”

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