Hama-Guri Realizes Everyone is Beautiful

Fun Activities:

  • Get a box of eggs of different shades (white, cream, brown, yellowish) and sizes. Ask the child to break them in one bowl. Then ask which yolk belongs to which egg shell. Lesson learnt is, in the end we are all the same and we are all God’s creation.
  • Give each child a lemon and ask them to thoroughly examine their lemons. Then ask them to put it in a basket.  Shake the lemons and then ask the kids to recognize which one was theirs. Most can. They will say, mine was big, mine had a dent etc. Then peel each lemon, put it back in the basket and ask for recognition. None can. They will say that you have removed the skin. Explain how it’s true with humans too. Ultimately, in the inside we are so similar. So being biased based on looks is unfair. Especially since we are all God’s creation.
  • Read the story of ‘The Ugly Duckling’
  • Show/teach how the caterpillar turns into a butterfly. Then can we really call the caterpillar ugly?
  • Have a multicultural day in the week. Use this day to explore different foods, clothes, customs, flags, history etc of the world and to teach that everyone is beautiful.


  • Cut out pieces of paper of different shapes. Then ask the kids to stick them on a sheet of paper so that it looks like a lamp shade. Use translucent coloured paper for this. Once done shine the light from behind. Explain how each lamp is different but they all shine the same. Its for people too – they look different but because of their inner being they are all beautiful.

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