Hama-Guri Realizes Everyone is Beautiful

It was night and she was tucking him in bed when she heard what she had to.

“Mumma you hurt me today.” Hama said in a soft voice. Almost in tears. “You never say such things to me. How could you Mumma?”

“But you only said that calling your friend ugly had been so much fun. I was trying it out too.”

Hama was crying by then. “I won’t do it again. But am I ugly?

“No you are not. You are very handsome. And that shoe and t-shirt looked very smart on you.”

“But Mumma you….”

I love you Hama. You are my life. And, for me, you are perfect.” She kissed his forehead. “I’m very sorry I had to say those hurtful things just to make your realize. You weren’t listening to father after all when he tried to explain. She hugged her son tight. “Always remember that none of us are perfect. We are because the Lord made us so. We are all God’s creation. And everyone is beautiful.

Learning: We are because the Lord made us so. And everyone is beautiful.

Things to Teach:

  • Never tease someone
  • Accept differences in physical features
  • We are all God’s creation and everyone is beautiful
  • Believe that you are pretty – have the self confidence
  • There will be people who will mock you – don’t give in to the bitter talk
  • Birth marks are natural. It can occur at any part of our body
  • To be happy in life we should focus on what’s true – the inner soul rather than just the external beauty
  • Sometimes accidents and injuries can cause differences in physical features. We should be mindful of how we can try and help them.
  • Teach the little ones, that there will be times when they have questions about a person’s physical features. It is best to talk to the parent in private about it instead of teasing or pointing it out in public.

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