Hama-Guri Realizes Everyone is Beautiful

“And what did the boy do?”

“Nothing Mumma. He’s a new boy. So he kept sitting with his head down at one corner.” Hama said. “I heard him muttering ‘Why am I ugly?’ though. It sounded so funny!”

“Does teacher know?”

“Hmm…no….she would have scolded us…we teased only at break time.”

“Hmm….anyways let’s eat now. I’m starving.”

The rest of the lunch was finished in silence. Mumma thought hard on what she should do. Then an idea struck her. But it would have to wait till evening.

“Hama let’s go shopping today. It’s been so long since we have.”

“Yes Mumma! Yippie!”

So off they went. The first shop they entered was the shoe shop. After trying on many shoes, Hama finally liked a lovely pair of deep blue sneakers. “I love this one Mumma.”

Hmm…its very good…but Hama you won’t look good in it…your feet are too yellow for it.” Then she giggled.

She saw Hama looking down. Feeling sad? Blinking away a tear? She felt sad too. But this was the only way.

“Let’s go now.” She said.

Hama left in silence.

Next was the clothes shop.

“Mumma see that t-shirt. It’s got the Angry Birds picture on it. Just what I wanted.” He said, his enthusiasm.

“Try it Hama.”

He did.

When Mumma saw him she knew he was looking good. But the lesson had to be taught. So she said. “Oh Hama. This is so nice. But its not for you. Look at our stomach. It’s all bulging out!”

“Mumma!” Hama said angrily. “Why are you talking to me like this?”

“Like what Hama?”

“Like this. Saying my feet are yellow and I’m fat.”

“But you are.” She said and walked away.

“Mumma I want to go home.” Hama said.

She nodded and they drove home in silence.

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