Hama-Guri Realizes Everyone is Beautiful

Everyone is Beautiful, gods creation, am I ugly“Mumma a new boy has joined our class today.” Hama said as he sat down for lunch. “But he’s ugly!

“Hama!” His father said a little sternly. “Who’s taught you to speak like that?”

“But he is father.” The lad replied.

His mother was in the kitchen heating the mutton stew. She overheard the conversation. But decided to stay mum. Just to see, for a change, how son and father solved this new issue.

“Hama, this is not expected from you!” Father said in a voice even more stern.

“Father, do you know that his one cheek is black?”

“So? It’s probably just a burn or a birth mark. We can all have birth marks.”

“So he looks ugly!”

Mumma shook her head. She had to intervene. It needed a different explanation. Just being stern would not help. Hama was just saying what he had heard twenty other kids at school saying. To just tell him it was wrong was not enough.

As she set the mutton stew on the table, Hama repeated his statement.

“Really? He is?” Mumma said, making her voice sound keen.

Now Hama was happy. At least his mother wanted to know more. “Yes Mumma. His entire right cheek is black. He looks bad. And we all made fun of him.”

She looked at her husband and with the blink of an eye asked him not to speak just yet.

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