Hama-Guri Misses Seeing the Mermaids

Things to Teach:

  • Names of sea animals – their habitat, eating habits
  • Trivia about sea animals (male sea horses give birth, piranhas eat meat, whales are mammals)
  • How fluorescent fish light up the deep blue sea
  • Why whales squirt water
  • How pearls are formed
  • Environmental issues on polluting the seas and the oceans
  • About the Great Barrier Reef in Australia
  • About submarines, pirates and sink ships (Titanic)
  • More about mermaids (how sailors in olden times probably saw sea cows and thought them to be mermaids)

Fun activities:

  • Go visit and aquarium. See how many marine creatures you can identify.
  • Watch the movies ‘Finding Nemo’, ‘The Little Mermaid'(even read the book), ‘Shark Tale’, ‘Free Willy’ and ‘Dolphin Tale’
  • If you have the sea close by – go to the beach to hunt for shells and hunt down tiny crabs in the sand
  • Go to a pearl shop to see different jewellery made of pearls and mother of pearl
  • Take a print of a marine scene and stick it on a cardboard. Cut it into pieces to form your very own jigsaw puzzle.
  • Get different types of fish (after checking for allergy) and get the kid to taste each of them (after cooking) in small portions.


  • Use a paper plate or bubble wrap stuck on cardboard to make fish of different colours. Punch a hole at the top and string them up. Create a lovely wall hanging.
  • Crisscrossing ice-cream sticks and then painting them also make lovely fish
  • Take an empty soft drink can. Cover it with paper. Then stick paper to turn it into an octopus or a crab. These can be used an pencil stands too.
  • Cut out stars from thick chart paper. Stick sand to it using gum. Once dry, paint over it to create a wonderful star fish.
  • Draw a bowl and colour it blue. Then make a hand print impression on it. Turn this impression into a fish or a jellyfish. Stick tiny pebbles or shells at the bottom of the bowl.
  • Stick seashells together to form sea shell critters of different shapes and sizes.
  • Stick paper and then googly eyes to a small plastic ball to form a cute blowfish.
  • Paint plastic bottles to form tropical fish in varied hues.
  • Colour a thermocol bowl orange and stick googly eyes on it. Poke into it orange pipe cleaners and then bend them. You have your crab ready.
  • Make your virtual aquarium using a cardboard box. Cut out the front portion and then decorate the inside to create the backdrop for your underwater scene. Paste seaweed and shells, hand paper fish and even add small mermaid figurines. Finally put a transparent cellophane paper in front for the glass effect.
  • Use a plastic packet to make a jellyfish in a bottle.

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