Hama-Guri Misses Seeing the Mermaids

“Will you take me there?” Hama said, feeling very excited now.

“Hmm..oh well…alright.” Said the whale. Hop onto my back because you won’t be able to swim that far.

“Bye Hama” said the sea horse, the fish and the crab in chorus. “The ocean’s too deep for us sea animals. So we say good bye here.”

Hama climbed on the whale’s back as he waved his friends good bye.

With a squirt of water from its blow-hole the whale took off.

“Oh no. So much of seaweeds here. I think I have lost my way.” Said the whale in a confused tone. “Wait I see a starfish sleeping there. Let’s go ask him.”

So they woke up the starfish. She was pretty angry but when she heard the Mermaid’s name, a smile came on her face. “She lives down there.” She pointed. “You will know its her cave because an octopus guards it always with all eight of its tentacles. She had saved one of its tentacles once when it had got entangled in the weeds.”

Then they began their swim again. Soon a couple of sea turtles crossed them hurriedly. And then a few jelly fish floated by.

And finally their was a loud shriek from a lobster. “He’s coming. All hide.”

“We need to hide for a while kiddo.” The whale said to Hama-Guri and swiftly darted into the darkness of a sunk ship.

Hama saw a huge hungry shark with sharp teeth swim by. No wonder all the marine creatures had hidden themselves. They had to stay that way for quite a while before they could start again. Hama-Guri was growing a little impatient. “When will we reach?”

“We are there. See!” Said the whale.

Hama looked and smiled. Exactly as the star fish had said, the octopus sat there.

“Hama wake up. You will get late for school.”

Hama’s eyes darted open. “Oh no!” He cried.

“What happened?” Mumma asked.

“I was about to meet the Mermaid and you woke me up!”


“Oh nothing Mumma. I’m getting ready. Don’t worry. The Mermaid will remain where she is. I will meet her tonight.” Hama said smiling as he got up from bed to give his mother a tight hug. He knew he would have to dream about the same thing again tonight too.

Learning: Life under the sea is exotic. It’s fun to know more about it.

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