Hama-Guri Misses Seeing the Mermaids

“What’s that you said?” Asked a sea horse who was swimming past.

“It’s a pearl. Mumma’s taught me.”

“Mumma? As in mother?” Asked the yellow sea horse. It was tiny but its question bank was never ending. “In humans mothers give birth, right?”

Hama-Guri laughed. “Of course. It’s always the mum.”

“Oh no! Not always.” Said the sea horse. “Look at me. I’m the father and I will give birth.”

“Really? You got to be joking.” Hama said, a little amused.

“Nopes! But anyways…I heard you are looking for the mermaid?”

“Yes. Mumma said she lives here.”

“Hmm…well I have never seen her. But we have an old whale who lives nearby. He can help you.”

“Then let’s take him there.” Said the rainbow fish.

And as Hama, the rainbow fish, the crab and the sea horse began their journey they were joined by a shoal of multicolored angel and clown fish too.

After a long swim through the deep dark waters they finally reached the cave where the whale lived. Thank god the fish with their fluorescent light had been there. Else finding their way through the dark waters would have been very difficult.

“Hey Mr. Whale!” Cried the sea horse. “Someone’s here to meet you. And he really needs your help.”

It took some time for the big blue sea mammal to come out and some more time to tell him about the Mermaid.

“Well. Maybe I can help you. She lives in the ocean. Its where this sea ends. Her cave is surrounded by the prettiest shells and corals.”

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