Hama-Guri Learns to Respect Different Races


  • There are many races in the world and we are all different – caste, religion, color. And we must learn to respect all
  • If something is bothering you, don’t be scared to ask a question.

Things to Teach:

  • About different countries and races – their skin tone, the hair types etc.
  • The science behind different skin colors
  • About cultural diversity, racism and its effects in history
  • The definition of racism and why it is bad.

Fun Activity:

  • Read books that teach about different races like “The Skin You Live in” by Michael Tyler and “All the Colors of the Earth” by Sheila Hamanaka
  • Use hand puppets to enact role plays based on different races and cultural diversity.
  • Use objects from day-to-day use to explain about races. For example; get white and brown shelled eggs. Make an omelette with both. Say “they look different on the outside, but is the very same inside. It is the same with people too.”


  • Ask the child to use different paint like white, brown, pink etc. to find his exact skin tone and then those of his friends. Teach him about cultural diversity very simply through this.
  • Use different colored objects to create faces of different skin color and different races. Example cinnamon powder for brown, cotton wool for white etc.

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