Hama-Guri Learns to Respect Different Races

“No Hama Guri No! John does take a bath everyday! Why would you think he does not bathe!?”

“Because his skin is so dark and is hair so dry”.

Mumma had no easy answer for Hama-Guri. But she realized that if she does not make Hama-Guri understand about the races in the world and also to respect difference – it is likely Hama-Guri might end up saying something hurtful to John. So Mumma said,

“Hama-Guri, today I shall impart an important lesson to you. You must understand that everybody is not the same. You know how there are so many animals and bird and flowers. Do they all look the same? John skin may be dark but that does not mean he does not bathe. He just looks different. How can he look like you? When you are Hama-Guri and he is John!?”

Hama-Guri especially liked the last explanation. He surely would not want another Hama-Guri. That would just be weird. How would Mumma know which one is him and which one he is not. So it was good that John looked different.

Hama-Guri went to sleep that night thinking how he would apologize to John. But at the very core – even without him knowing – Hama Guri was actually thinking about the other country? How can he go there to explore? He would ask John, later.

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