Hama-Guri Learns to Respect Different Races

John ran back to his house crying, that evening. And Hama-Guri returned to his parents alarmed by John’s reaction. And that is when it dawned upon him that it was time to ask a ‘wise’ question. But what is the question. “Why does John look dirty”? or “Why did John run back home?” or better still, “Why do you ask me to take a bath? John’s parents do not care!”

Hama-Guri is not the average-kid. He tried really hard to assess what is bothering him the most and came up with the question that was most suited for all concerns. “Mumma, why does John look different?”

Mumma had no clue regarding who John was. She had heard of him from Hama-Guri but had never actually met him. On some inquiries she found John had moved in nearby, with his parents, only recently and that they are African-Americans. But who can explain to a six year old about different races in the world or who or what an African-American is. And also the definition of racism and why it should not be propagated. So Mumma kept it simple and told her son, “John is actually not from here. He is from another country. Another country that is thousands of miles away from ours. That is why he looks different!”

“So does everybody look different there? And do kids do not have to bathe in that country? How can I go there?”

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