Hama-Guri Learns How to Manage Time

“That’s exactly what I’m saying. No matter what we do, a day will always have 24 hours. So we have to see how best to use the time. Right?”

“I…guess…so what’s the plan?”

“You eat. I will get something.” She went into the kitchen and got back a jar. Placed it on the table and then she went out into the garden. From there she got back four large stones and ten tiny pebbles.

“What are these for Mumma?” Hama said, curiously looking at what his mother had placed on the table.

Mumma sat down and began speaking. “Hama this jar represents a day.” Then she put the stones into the jar. “See how these four stones fill the jar?”

“Yes Mumma.”

“Well these four stones represent four very important things that you have to do every day.”

“And what are those for?” Hama said pointing to the pebbles.

“These are other things that we do if we have time.”

“Hmm.” Hama was still unsure of what his mother was trying to say.

“Now look Hama.”. She added the pebbles into the jar and shook it. “See how they all fit in?”

“Yes Mumma.”

Mumma took out all the contents from the jar and then first put in the pebbles. “Now do you think these four stones will fit?”

Hama shrugged his shoulder.

“It won’t.” Mumma replied. “Watch.” She tried every way to fill in the stones but not more than two went in. “Do you know what this means?”

Hama shook his head as he put the last spoon of rice into his mouth.

This means that in a day there are some work that have to be done and some which we do if we have extra time.


“And, from tomorrow we use this. These four stones are for me and these ten pebbles are yours. While these four have to go into the jar, its up to you how many of those ten you can manage to put in by day’s end. That’s time management.”

“But what are these ten?”

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