Hama-Guri Learns How to Manage Time

Time management tips, How to manage time, How to read a clock“Yes Mumma, I know it is 2pm. You taught me how to read the clock last year.” Hama-Guri said as he continued to construct his ship with the Lego pieces.

“It’s lunch time Hama. Stop playing now.” Mumma said standing by his room’s door. Pretty annoyed. The closer he was inching his way towards seven, he was becoming a little stubborn.

“Half an hour Mumma.” Hama said not even looking up to see his mother’s face.

“Fine. I will wait for you for ten minutes and then put all the food away.” She turned around and walked downstairs.

Hama did come before ten minutes passed. And so he got his food. But Mumma knew that this would not be the last. He had to be taught to respect time. He had to be taught how to manage time. At least as much as a six year old could. And so she devised a plan. She knew this would be an easy way to give her son some time management tips.

“Hama I have thought of something.” Mumma said.

“Mmm.” Came her son’s reply. He was still a little sad that he had had to leave his creation and come down to eat. “What plan Mumma? Anyways next you will tell me to sleep. So when is my time?”

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